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Is your dog a terminator with teeth? Our hard wearing Dog’s Life Waterproof Ballistic Nylon Memory Foam Cushion is just the bed for dogs with tough personalities. While none of our beds are indestructible, these cushions can withstand heavy paw traffic and come with a 90-day chew-proof warranty, giving you piece of mind against Annihilator Annie’s consuming chew behaviour. 100% Removable Washable Cover: The cover of the cushion can be removed, so that it can easily be washed. The zips are high quality industrial zippers that are both easy to open and close. 90 Days Chew Proof Warranty: Our durable Ballistic Nylon dog cushions are crafted to withstand heavy paw traffic and while our beds are not 100% indestructible by all breeds and all dogs, we’d like to think they come pretty close! Therefore, we are proud to offer a warranty on all of our Ballistic cushions. Should your dog chew up the outer cover within 90 days, don’t worry, it is covered under our limited warranty. 
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