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Omega Adult Premium Chicken is specially formulated for active adult dogs that require increased levels of energy, protein and fat in their diet. This high-quality dog food provides optimum nutrition for working dogs, show dogs, breeding dogs, finicky eaters as well as dogs recovering from illness. Quality animal proteins such as imported chicken and lamb meat meal assist in building and maintaining your dog’s lean muscle mass. Carbohydrates are supplied by yellow maize and rice, ensuring an even release of energy. Skin and coat health is supported by the inclusion of chicken fat and fish oils (source of DHA and EPA, Omega 3 fatty acids) as well as added biotin and zinc. The digestive tract is supported by the inclusion of dried beet pulp, inulin, wheat bran and highly digestible carbohydrates. L-Carnitine assists in mobilising stored fat into energy, thus assisting with weight management. Yucca plant extract reduces stool odour by binding ammonia and other noxious odour components..
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