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Thoroughly, effectively and routinely clean those pet ears without irritating the skin, annoying the ear canal or potentially causing acute Otitis Externa with the Oto-Aid ear cleaner for dogs & cats. This easy-to-use product helps successfully remove accumulated debris inside your pet’s ear and provide optimal hygiene of their outer ear, is pH 3 to help combat yeast infections and more. Oto-Aid contains various plant extracts known to have purification, healing and anti-inflammatory properties
Oto-Aid cannot be used if the eardrum is not intact
FOR CLEANING – massage gently at the base of the ear for a few seconds to get a good diffusion of the product.
FOR ROUTINE CLEANING – apply 1-2 times per week for perfect hygiene of the ear canal. 
FOR EXCESS EAR WAX / UNPLEASANT ODOURS – apply daily for 8 days, then apply every 2-3 days to stabilise the situation. 
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